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About the Artist Sueann Bettison-Sher

Sueann in her studio
Sueann Bettison Sher at work in the studio
Mosaic artist Sueann Bettison Sher has been focused on the arts her entire life. She began in her youth as a weaver and a ceramicist, and brings the love of color and form developed during these years to her calling as a mosaic artist.

She became involved with mosaics when her husband, a publisher of fine jazz music books, needed a mosaic treble clef to be photographed for the cover of one of his books and asked her if she could make one. As she created the piece, she realized instantly that she was a mosaic artist. Her style is meticulous and combines a contemporary aesthetic with an Old World charm. Sueann's artworks are crafted from carefully cut pieces of china, arranged painstakingly to create a beautiful new design from something broken or old.

Since finding her dream, Sueann founded Cocci & Idee, (coh-chee and ee-day) a business that brings forward the fine art of pique assiette mosaic work through her custom art and through her hands-on workshops taught from her North Bay mosaic studio.

Sueann has shown her work in a number of San Francisco Bay Area venues, including Sonoma County Art Trails, the Marin Art Festival and the San Francisco Art and Garden Show. She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and lives and works in Petaluma, California with her wonderful husband, son and daughter.



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